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King of Falafel-San Francisco

             best falafel in SF for 9 consecutive years


Vegetarian Appetizers 
Falafel              .75 each       ½ doz   4.25                 1 doz.   7.99

Hummus dip made of garbanzo beans and tahini sauce

Babaghanouge dip made of eggplant and tahini sauce
Tabulli salad consisting of parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice    
Dolmas grapeleaves stuffed with rice
Mojadara rice & lentil beans topped with fried onions
Tahini tahini sauce, lemon, & parsley
above appetizers     4.25/half pint              7.25/pint

Greek Salad romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, bulgarian feta, dressing

Spinach Salad spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, bulgarian feta, dressing                       
                                        sm 5.50
                 lg 8.50
w/chicken add            sm 3.50                  lg


All sandwiches come on your choice of pita bread or lavash wrap (50 cents extra for lavash) and include hummus, tahini, lettuce and tomatoes.  Our delicious hot sauce available upon request

Award winning Vegetarian Falafel sandwich    7.39
Kefta kabob
char-broiled beef on open flame    8
Chicken kabob
chunks of chicken breast char-broiled on open flame    8.39
Beef & Lamb Shawarma 
thin sliced mixture of marinated beef and lamb    8.39   
Chicken Shawarma
 thin slices of marinated chicken breast    8.39
Eggplant with or w/out tomatoe and garlic sauce   8.39
Spinach Roll spinach & fetta cheese with onions wrapped in filo dough, baked to perfection  4.50



extra lean 100% beef with chopped onions served with home cut fries

1/3 lb on bun     9.50   

½ lb on Roll      10.50    

add $1 for cheese 


All plates are served with pita bread, hummus, and tabulli (substitutions available)

    Chicken kabob                sm 10.49       lg 13.49
Beef & Lamb Shawarma      s
10.49      lg 13.49
Chicken Shawarma            sm 10.49      lg 13.49
Eggplant                       sm 8.49         lg  10.49
House Combo
kefta kabob, chicken kabob, hummus, tabulli,
tahini sauce                  sm 10.99    lg 14.99

     Vegetarian plate
falafel, hummus, babaghanouge, dolma, tahini sauce, tabulli                         sm 8.49    
lg 10.49
build your own plate 
 3 appetizer items                                                                                     sm 8.49    lg 10.49   
Baklava choose your choice of walnuts, pistachios, or a combination of each
Halvah we offer plain, chocolate swirl, pistachio, or plain smothered in chocolate almonds